For RCN Television to continue as one of the leading channels in Colombian television has not been an easy task, however, since the year 1995 when ‘Nuestra Tele’ was the programmer RCN TV, the Colombian government allowed the setting up and operation of channels of a private nature.

It was in that moment when RCN participated in a public bidding, achieving the adjudication in order to evolve from being a programmer to what our company is today. On July 10th 1998, the first emission of Canal RCN ‘Nuestra Tele’ went on the air. Since that date until today, we have characterized ourselves by the production of risky formats, this places us as the quintessential vanguard Company in Colombian television.  In the field of great productions, some of our highlights are telenovelas like: ‘Yo soy Betty la fea’, the biggest success in Colombian television in the last five years; ‘Café con Aroma de Mujer’, ‘Hasta que la Plata nos Separe’, ‘La Hija del Mariachi’, ‘Pura Sangre’, ‘Las Detectivas y el Víctor’, ‘Regreso a la Guaca’, ‘El último Matrimonio Feliz’ and the new and super successful series ‘El Capo’ which has made RCN television deserving of more than a hundred national and international recognitions.

With regards to the informative system, ‘Noticias RCN’ is the undisputable leader for always being in the forefront of the most important events that happen in Colombia and all around the world. But the ambitions of ‘Nuestra Tele’ for higher quality and growth do not stop there, which is why with the intention of establishing a closer contact to the Hispanic T.V. viewers, the international channel Canal NTN 24 (Nuestra Tele Noticias 24 Horas) was created. Likewise, RCN also has ‘RCN News in English’, news in English that the web surfers can access via the website www.colombianews.tv, directed and conducted by international journalist Brian Andrews, who along with a professional work team, informs in English, via the internet, the events that are news in Colombia and the world. Besides that, ‘Nuestra Tele’ has its own internet website www.canalrcn.com totally interactive, where web surfers can view all the news, telenovela previews, contests and other subjects of interest.

Additionally, with the birth of Canal RCN, the advertising agency ‘In House Agency’ was created, the advertising agency that handles all the advertising for ‘Nuestra Tele’ like radio jingles, television, press releases and everything related to the promotion and outreach of ‘Nuestra Tele’.  

The success and recognition that Canal RCN has gained through all these years, is the product of the knowledge and quality of a human staff which allowed it to go from being a programmer to being a private television channel, consolidating itself as one of the best ones in Latin America.