In his new role, Rodrigo Triana, assumes the responsibility of directing the new projects and participating in the development of the new television bets the network is making: “I came to RCN to cooperate in anything I can by the hand of Cristina Palacio, Product Vice-president, to support her in the feasibility of the projects RCN has created that will soon be produced. Additionally, there are productions that I will direct and participate in as General Producer”, said Rodrigo, who was born in the film, television and theater industries; therefore, what he has brought to his movies, soaps and series have a very personal seal.

With his very well-known trajectory in the film and television industries, he has always been in front of successful productions such as: Sala de Urgencias, El Estilista, Comando Elite, Donde Esta Elisa?, Amor Sincero, among many more; Triana has studied Film Direction and Production (National Film Institute of Buenos Aires) and has completed several courses like Cinema Appreciation (Cinemateca Colombiana), Lighting and Photography (Fondo Promoción Cinematográfico), Cinema Aesthetics (Museo de Arte Moderno) and Film and Photography (UNITEC), and with his knowledge, he is committed to this new challenge in his outstanding professional career: “In the work I was doing as a Director, I was missing a part that I really like: generating the project, reviewing it, giving it the gear it needs and being involved in other aspects like casting, music and sound. I wanted to go further in television, not only being in the set, but also in the area of production, it is a larger responsibility. This is a new challenge for me and I´m really happy reading all the projects that are coming because I think we have to look for a new spectrum so the audience can have comedy, musicals, drama, thrillers and a wide variety of products that entertain them”, concludes Rodrigo.