Next Monday, November 7th at 8:00 p.m., on the Aztec Channel 13, will be the premiere of the series 'Celia', a stellar production inspired by the life and the musical legacy of the unforgettable “Guarachera of Cuba”, Celia Cruz, that with her remarkable hips, and colorful dresses and wigs, as well as with her   powerful voice, was able to transform herself from a poor and humble girl into a renowned world icon of Latin music.

In this great production, the viewers will be able to get to know the beginnings of the artist, her passion for singing in the Cuba of the fifties, and her recognition as the most determinant singer of the Sonora Matancera. After leaving the island with her husband Pedro Knight, she conquered markets in other countries and positioned herself as the most recognized singer of salsa with more than 70 records, which made her a recipient of multiple Grammys and Latin Grammys, as well as other important international recognitions.

The series has 80 episodes and is RCN Television and FoxTelecolombia production, starring the Puerto Ricans Jeimy Osorio and Modesto Lacen (Celia and Pedro in their adolescence), and the Cuban actress Aymée Nuviola, along with the Puerto Rican actor Willie Denton (the couple in their adulthood). It also has the participation of Margoth Velazques, Moses Angulo, Judy Henríquez, Carolina Gaitán, Aida Bossa, Abel Rodríguez, Carolina Sabino, Lully Bossa, Indhira Serrano, Mikhail Mulkay, Marcela Gallego, Luis Eduardo Arango, Mauricio Cújar, Félix Antequera, Jonathan Islas, Patricia Padilla, and others. This great production was recorded with the highest of quality standards, in locations like the Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, New York, San Juan of Puerto Rico and in other Colombian cities. Celia has achieved great success in other countries as well: The United States, Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Panama, Africa (English and Portuguese dialect) and in cable in Latin America.