After the success of the first season, Telemetro brings the second installment of this successful series
After conquering the hearts of Panamanian viewers in its first season, the second installment of 'Heart's Decree', the original RCN series that brings to the screen the stories and the leading cases of the law firm, reaches the prime of the Telemetro channel. beloved of Latin America.

So do not miss the final of Heart's Decree on November 14 and then, immediately, the premiere of the first episode of the second season on Telemetro.
The second season will continue in prime time from Monday to Friday at 9 o'clock at night.

What happened to the relationship between Pablo Domínguez and Julia Escallón? What happened to the relationship between Duperly and Catalina, after leaving her boyfriend planted on the altar? Will his heart listen to the womanizer of Nicolás and the feminist of María del Pilar? What will happen to the firm after the imminent bankruptcy?

Discover in this second season all the answers to these questions and many others that will be resolved in the chapters of 'Heart's Decree 2', directed this time by Sergio Osorio and Víctor Cantillo.

On this occasion the series that has been a success in Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, the United States and Spain, among others, will bring to the small screen different situations that will test love, friendship and the work of each one of his characters. Viewers can enter the life of the group of lawyers to know their deepest joys, sorrows and dreams.