RCN’s Nurses achieved the best rating since its Premiere

On Monday, November 25th new RCN’s series led with its highest rating since its premiere last October 23th. On Monday, November 25th. Nurses, RCN’s latest production in Colombia, reached the highest rating since its release date, which was on last October 23th. With 32.4% share and 8.5% rating. With the above numbers, it reached to 1.678.000 viewers, and it surpassed its direct competition, which registered 23.3% share, and 6.1% in rating at the same time.

The milestone in the story that turned on all television was given between Maria Clara (interpreted by Diana Hoyos), and doctor Carlos Pérez (embodied by Sebastián Carvajal) that after being saved from a shooting in the surgery room, they had a moment alone in the elevator, where the doctor took advantage to kiss the nurse who had him dazzled since the first day he saw her.

Nurses recreates the universe of Latin American public hospitals through the female gaze of nurses. It has the executive production of Ana María Pérez, and it is directed by Víctor Cantillo and Luis Sierra. In Nurses, María Clara Rodríguez is interpretated by Clara Hoyos, and Carlos Pérez by Sebastián Carvajal. They are complemented by a great cast of characters: Viña Machado, Miguel González, Julián Trujillo, Luis Velasco, Nina Caicedo, Pedro Palacio, Viviana Posada, Federico Rivera y Alejandra Correa. It will have a total of 100 episodes of one hour lasting. Each episode will present a specific case that will be resolved during the same chapter.

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