• ‘Broke’ is an adaptation of RCN Televsion´s script Pobres Rico, which has had two other successfull versions locally produced in Mexico and Greece.
  • The Premiere of the comedy was the most successfull in the season and ranked CBS in first place.
  • The main characters of the story are played by Jaime Camil and Paula Perrete.


BOGOTÁ, APRIL 13th 2020. With an audience of seven million people the remarkable television network, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) released its adaptation of the successfull Colombian series Pobres Rico, under the name of ‘Broke’, which has become the best comedy of the season.

Broke’ is directed by Víctor González and its main characters are the actor and mexican comediant Jaime Camil, and the american actress Paula Perrette. Also, within the cast there are internacional stars such Natasha Leggero, Izzy Diaz and Antonio Corbo.

With his role in ‘Broke’, Jaime Camil became the second latin american in history to be the main character for a CBS series, after Desi Arnaz, in 1951.

‘Broke’ is inspired by the colombian series ‘Pobres Rico’, and it was produced by RCN and Resonant in 2012. Starring Paola Rey and Juan Pablo Raba it has also been adapted with great success in countries like Mexico and Greece.  The fun comedy was  directed by  Pepe Sánchez (RIP), and it is about a social and economic difference between the Rico and Siachoque families that will unleash a funny story about love, solidarity and union.

The original story of ‘Pobres Rico’, is an idea of Adriana Lorenzón, Juan Manuel Cáceres, Liliana Guzmán and Guillermo Restrepo. Written by por Juan Manuel Cáceres, Héctor Moncada, Liliana Guzmán and Juan Carlos Troncoso.