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After 13 years of being away Francisco Reyes returns to the public school Jimmy Carter, this time not as a student but as a teacher. There he “clashes” with the youngsters of 2017. Young teens that only follow the rules they feel like following where “bullying”, “flaming” and “stalking”, the powerful drug DMA, the addiction to cellphones and an endless thread of new issues brought by Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram prevail. 

On top of all this, Francisco must figure out why the best student of the entire school, Luna Garcia tried to commit suicide.

Mr. Ezequiel, who continues to be the principal of the school thinks it is a joke they have sent as a teacher the student he so many times in the past had problems with; meanwhile for Gabriela Chavez, whom was also a student at the Jimmy and now a Physics teacher at the institution the arrival of Francisco is a great support to try and help these young kids get ahead in life: Mariana Trujillo or “Anabel”, the most aggressive one, Camilo Aza whom spends more time at the Bronx than at school; Rubi Moreno or “Moby Dick” the fattest girl at the Paraiso neighborhood; Maria Monica Sanchez or “the Barby’s”  who considers that thanks to the internet her looks can be acknowledged; Brayan Largo “the Paisita” a pretty boy that says “it is better to hit the ball than to hit the books” and “Gigio” who makes a funny video that goes viral making him “the star” of school and of Bogota giving him the opportunity to even rub shoulders with Sebastian Villalobos and Daneidi Barrera better known as “Eh, eh, Epa Colombia”.

Francisco will feel attracted to Gabriela, just like Mariana will set eyes on K, Rubi on Ricardo and even Daniel on Brayan because romance at school is always present and that is something that doesn’t change even 13 years late.












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Thanks to Rubi, to her physical appearance and her behavior, we can explore different types of bullying, she is the “chubby”, smart and shy girl in the classroom. Despite being a really good human being, which the viewer has to discover very soon, her classmates don’t appreciate her. On the contrary, they make fun of her and make her feel ugly. Especially Mariana and Barby’s.

She is one of the smartest in her class, she worries about her grades and not getting in trouble. She is a good friend, helpful, understanding and very sweet.

The arrival of her rich “cousin”, Sebas, helps her get the girls of her class, especially Barby’s, to approach her… but the truth is that they just want to use her.

Rubi feels a lot lonelier when Luna’s accident occurs, they are good friends, they used to do everything together and they support each other. The only company Rubi has now, is Fabian.

Fabian is her classmate, he is the only one who listens to her, understands her, supports her and even makes her feel pretty and special. Together, they begin a project as YouTubers.

Her mother, Lucia, and her father, Enrique, are very special with her, they love her and give her everything she needs to make her comfortable, her father agrees with her on everything, while Lucia reminds her with love that she must lose weight to look prettier and find a boyfriend. 


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Mariana Trujillo, is the leader of 9A, they call her Anabel, because she is a doll but also diabolic at the same time, her classmates are not capable of telling her that and they think she doesn’t know it, but she does, and she loves her evil nickname. She is a 15 year old girl who has imposed her will for a few years now in her class and in school. She is aggressive, dirty mouthed, a passionate fan of Millonarios (football team), the only rules she follows are the ones she creates, since most of her classmates suffer from nomophobia, she is stuck to her cellphone 24 hours a day.  

Mariana started drinking alcohol when she was 13, tried marihuana when she was 14 and had sex with a man for the first time a couple of months ago. She doesn’t think about her future because her past was a disaster and her present is terrible. She is an expert bully, her favorite technique is harassment with which she was able to take out their last class director and made three students change schools. She is also an expert in Flaming and Stalking.

Everything in her family is a real problem, her mother, Ana, doesn’t pay enough attention to her taking care of her husband Carlos, a macho man, useless, alcoholic and who also beats his wife. Mariana suffers because her mother always leaves her in the background and this has made her hate her father more. Mariana always complains to her mother for being so submissive and asks her to leave the man who hurts her so much. On the other hand, Mariana has no filter when it comes the time to face her own dad.

Her weak spot is Juan K, her classmate, who she secretly loves and isn’t capable of admitting to herself that she loves him.

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He arrived at the school two years ago. Ever since he walked in the “Jimmy” he marked his territory, he got into a fight with some Seniors and earned the respect of the young crowd from that moment on. Juan Camilo is an average student, he doesn’t talk too much, he doesn’t have friends or enemies in school, he skips classes regularly and they all think it’s because of some kind of vice. Many of his classmates say they have seen him around the “Bronx” area and he surely loses himself in all drugs they sell there.

More than a pretty boy, Juan Camilo is attractive, masculine, in one word, dirty-hot, more than one girl has approached him to earn his love but he doesn’t seem to care for any girl at the Jimmy. In a couple of attempts, Mariana has ended up hurt by Juan K so she decided to say that she hates him, but she truly has the secret illusion of making the hot guy from school fall for her. 


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She’s a 15 year old girl, the best student at the Jimmy Carter School and the best behaved too. This is why she doesn’t have a lot of friends because at the Jimmy, only the pretty girls and the strong boys are popular. She is adored by Ezequiel, because she is the one who makes his school look good.

Her best friend is Rubi, they love each other and do everything together. Luna is honest, helpful, respectful and an excellent friend and daughter.

She lives in a humble house with her mother and with her stepfather, Wilson, who she can’t stand and doesn’t feel comfortable with him, because she always feels like he is looking at her with dirty eyes and she doesn’t think he loves her mom. Her relationship with Gloria, her mother, is wonderful, they love each other, they respect each other and trust each other, but the relationship starts to deteriorate when Luna talks to her mother about Wilson and tells her how he makes her feel. Gloria thinks her daughter is jealous because she isn’t receiving 100 per cent of her attention and doesn’t believe her.

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Juliana is 12 years old, she is Brayan’s younger sister. She is in the seventh grade and is going through what we call “the first times”: the first kiss, cutting class, first love, first heartbreak, etc.

She is an educated, honest, respectful girl, a good student, good daughter and good sister. She spends her free time in front of her humble tablet watching videos on YouTube about how to win a man’s heart and about fashion and beauty tips.

She feels that she fell in love with Daniel, her older brother’s friend, a few months ago. She only lives for Daniel these days, everything she does, she doest it for him. This is the first time she falls in love and is excited about the idea of having a boyfriend and being loved back. She has no idea that he is gay.  

Juliana will do everything in her power to be by Daniel’s side and win his heart. All this, without even knowing that the person Daniel truly loves, is her own brother.

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Gloria is Luna’s mother, she is her only daughter and therefore, her reason for living, she does everything to ensure her daughter’s wellbeing.

Like everyone else at the Paraiso neighborhood, Gloria is a very humble woman, she lives in a small house with the necessary things to live, a house she shares with her daughter and with Wilson, her husband who isn’t Luna’s father. She is a kind woman and many, including Wilson, take advantage of her good heart.

She is a victim of her own beauty, because being so beautiful has brought her a lot of problems, in several occasions she has lost her job because her bosses have tried to sleep with her. But Gloria is the kind of woman who makes them respect her and has never yielded to her bosses’ demands, so she decides to quit or wait until she is fired before losing her dignity.

Currently, she works at a factory in the industrial zone of the city, she earns enough to maintain her home, her daughter and even Wilson, who never has money. When Luna tries to kill herself, they give her a license to solve her personal issues.   

Her main goal in life revolves around Luna, without a doubt, when Gloria was younger she couldn’t go to college, so she works hard every day to help her daughter achieve what she couldn’t: going to college and become a great lawyer some day. Luna inherited her mother’s intelligence, beauty, dedication and modesty.

Blinded by the love she feels for Wilson, Gloria didn’t listen to her daughter the many times she told her that Wilson was a bad man, that he looked at her with a dirty mind or that she heard him talking to other women in the bathroom. This is why, when Luna arrives at the hospital, almost dead, Gloria starts suspecting of the man who was, to her, the love of her life; she sees him now with other eyes, she doesn’t want him around her or making love to him. All the love, fidelity and submission she used to live with, starts fading away.

Gloria finds, in Francisco, her guardian angel, a man who supports her from the moment her world starts crumbling down, he listens to her and worries about her. Gloria trusts him, he is her shoulder to cry on and the first person she looks for to talk, ask for advice or simply vent. Getting so close, it is inevitable for both of them to feel an attraction for each other. 


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He is Gigio’s younger brother. He is a very well behaved boy, his studies are important and he always works hard in school, he is a believer that in order to be great in life, you must be well prepared.

He spends so much time studying that Fabian doesn’t have as many friends as Gigio does, Gigio is basically known all over the school. Fabian spends his time mostly alone.  

His closest friend is Rubi, the chubby girl in class who he loves in secret. When Luna’s event happens, they get closer and become inseparable. Fabian makes sure she is always ok and happy.

Fabian values the efforts his father makes, Alexander works all day and night in a taxi, that’s why he dreams of being a great professional and make him proud of him. Fabian is greatly bothered when his brother acts rebelliously, he doesn’t pass his grades or starts expanding his ear lobes to look “trendy”, he feels like he only disappoints his father who is a righteous man. When Fabian thinks he needs it, he scolds his brother, because sometimes he behaves like a child.

He is a cute kid, but his good looks are hidden behind a bad hair do and his glasses. He is a wonderful, smart, passionate and determined human being


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He is Fabian’s older brother, he is 17 years old and is one of the oldest in the 9A class, this is the third time he goes to the ninth grade, because he isn’t dedicated to his studies, his priorities are partying, spending time with his friends and getting girls.

He is a great friend, joyful, fun and helpful.

Gigio has a physical condition, he has “Dwarfism” but is never treated differently because of that, he plays football, he hangs out with the kids in school and the neighborhood and gets girls just like the other boys do.

Most of his time, he doesn’t get along with his younger brother, Fabian, they are always arguing because of their personalities, they are so different and contradicting. Gigio is the rebel in his small family, which is made up by his brother and his father, Alexander. But if things aren’t going well with his brother, they are worse with his father, because Gigio’s rebellious ways, like getting expansions in his ear lobes, get him in trouble with Alexander, who spends the night in his taxi, working to support his children.

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He is Brayan’s and Gigio’s good friend. He is a student at the Jimmy Carter School, he is a Senior and is 17 years old.

He is passionate about women and partying. He loves playing football and being with his friends. He is a natural womanizer, he doesn’t hesitate to get the woman he wants and even having sex in school, if necessary, as he does with Lesly.

He is an excellent friend, a little bit rebellious, a flirt and a fun guy. He likes singing and is good at it, especially when it comes to reggaeton.

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Sebastian Samper is a rich boy, his parents have gotten him used to having everything he wants. When he turned 16 he was already the owner of an apartment on the North of the city and a BMW, he gets all the girls he wants. The most Southern thing he knows in the city is the Salitre Plaza Mall.

His life is more than determined, he will finish school in the best and most expensive institution of the country ,he will study English in England, French in France, German in Germany and then he will start a career in Business in some university in the United States. But everything will crumble when his parents are taken to prison for a major scam.

With his parents in prison, and finding out that all of his friends turned their backs on him, Sebas has to move in with his aunt Lucia, Moby Dick’s mother. She is his father’s half sister and the only relative who wanted to lend him a hand so he wouldn’t end up in Child Services Protection.

Obviously, living with his aunt Lucia, starts going to the Jimmy Carter School, a school full of tacky people who he hates and kids who hate rich kids. The change of schools and house is brutal for Sebas.

As soon as Maria Monica sees him, she thanks God for sending her the man she is going to marry and starts her hunt, more than love is pure interest. But he is very clear on never being with a tacky girl, and knows he will never make friends with the kind of people in that school.

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He is Brayan Largo’s best friend, he is loyal, friendly, a good partner, simple and he is also gay. He is deeply in love with Brayan and his mother is the only one who knows it. He trusts her completely and talks to her about everything that happens in his life as a student and his sex life too.

He can’t confess his feelings towards Brayan because he knows he will lose him forever.

Like everyone else in the neighborhood, he is a humble kid, and unlike Brayan, he is calm, doesn’t resort to violence and is a very good student. 

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He is the cute boy at the Jimmy, he is 15 years old and has a nice body, which he likes to show off every chance he gets, he is wanted by all the girls in the school and he knows it, he uses his physical appearance to make them do his homework, lend him money, take him out, in other words, for everything. He works out every day and his muscles are his saviors when one of his friends gets in trouble. His family has been displaced by the violence in the country, they were forced out of their land three years ago and they ended up in Bogota.

Despite the fact that he has always been after Maria Monica, she hasn’t even looked at him, one, because he is as poor as she is and two, because he is black, yes, he is a spectacular black kid, but Barby’s thinks that the only men who will be successful in life are white, with green eyes and blonde. Maria Monica knows that she will not even give him a kiss, and the more she rejects him, the more love Brayan feels for her.

Brayan, despite being analytical and intellectually curious, doesn’t like to study, he doesn’t think he needs it, just like his great idols didn’t need it: Lionel Messi didn’t graduate high school and neither did Cristiano Ronaldo, and each one of them makes more than one million Euro a month, they own mansions all over the world and large car collections. “It’s better to kick the ball”.  

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She is the pretty girl at the Jimmy, with a pretty face and a perfect body, a little bit “tacky” because she doesn’t have enough money to dress well. In fact, her parents are some of the poorest in the neighborhood, which really bothers her and complains to them about it every day.

Barby’s hates poverty and loves money, jewelry, men with cars, luxuries and traveling. She knows she is pretty and doesn’t hesitate to use her beauty to achieve what she wants.

She is in love with Brayan, but she thinks she will never have a future with him because he is as poor as she is and doesn’t have anything to offer her. When Sebas arrives at school, Barby’s doesn’t hesitate to approach the rich kid and make him fall for her to use his money, however, Sebas isn’t interested in her at all. Barby’s will not give up so easily until she gets something from him, even if it means putting her love for Brayan to the side.

Her accomplice, friend and advisor is her cousin Melissa, she tells her everything and completely trusts her. Barby’s isn’t interested in studying, she doesn’t care about making good grades, she is worried about looking good, staying in shape and going out with men with money.

She is calculating, interested and superficial, but also a little bit naïve. Her biggest dream is for a man with money to support her and give her everything she feels she deserves.

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Francisco Quintana is the new Francisco. He is between 34 and 38 years old.

He is an educator born in a middle to rich class, but has always been a warrior, leader of ideological proposals, but not lazy at all, a teacher who is very committed to teaching like the Juan Francisco from the story’s previous versions.

He studied at the Universidad Distrital, a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, and immediately started working as a Provisional Professor at the Castilla District Institute; this was thirteen years ago, when youth conflicts were different and in a school where boys from a middle-class neighborhood attended it.

He moved overseas, in Spain he earned a Master's degree in Educational Informatics (which is why he believes this is a very valid resource) and in Chile he earned the Master's degree in mathematics education. He returned to Colombia and went to the District Secretary and was appointed by a merit contest, with a high score, at that time he was ranked as 3A by score and titles acquired.

Due to his way of thinking, he accepted the appointment to the District Prison, where he worked for three years, which allowed him to submit to a new promotion contest and is currently ranked as 3B, earning about 4 million pesos and ensuring some economic stability (They cannot fire him that easily). At that time he wanted to teach in a school to approach the youth, he considered that his stage with inmates in re-socialization processes was over and he wanted to go back to the classrooms. He never imagined all the complications he would run into with the model youth of 2017.

He believes blindly in constructivist education, where the teacher is not the "almighty" who only transmits knowledge, but a person who guides the student to deduce, experiment and refine that knowledge.

His physical appearance is very nice, without the need to drive the students crazy, because the girls prefer to call him the "cool teacher" and with his success he begins to earn the respect of the entire student community and the envy of some teachers.

He is confused by a strong attraction for both, Gloria and Gabriela.