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GALY, Unlucky with luck

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Galy Galiano is one of the most popular and multifaceted singers in Latin America. With more than 11 million albums sold around the world, he has conquered the hearts of the public through ballads, Rancheras and his Salsa hits. But everybody knows that, what people don’t know is that he became a musician without even trying to be one and it was his young romantic heart who took him to compose the most romantic love songs becoming the first Colombian to make it to the Billboard list in the United States.

This story starts 70 years ago in a town of the coast, a town located far away from civilization where the radio station operated out of a high speaker. People gathered around the only television in town to see the boxing matches and the only music heard was the Vallenato. In this environment grew Galy, a simple young man that finds in ballads the best way to express his unconditional love towards Lorena Serrani, the most beautiful and prestigious girl in town but a true enemy of Galy’s family thanks to problems of the past. With the intention of taking her a serenade, the same day Lorena returns from boarding school after being away for five years, Galy without trying puts together his first musical group “the diamond of el Cesar” and what started as a simple serenade slowly takes them to become the most important ballad band of the region.

With time, Galy discovers he is in love with the wrong woman. Yamile Cantillo, the ugly girl in town who has been secretly in love with the singer since she was a little girl is really the one who has been writing the romantic letters he has believed all along were from Lorena. After many mistakes and misunderstandings Galy discovers Yamile’s interior beauty and decides to live his first romance with her. With his band of friends of “The Diamonds of el Cesar” he tours nearby towns giving serenades healing the hearts of the people who have suffered a love sorrow and without even trying and thanks to good luck, Galy ends up recording in Bogota his first song “Absence chill” which catapults him into fame all of the sudden and without anyone expecting it.

With things the way they are, Galy has to move to Bogota in company of his best friend and adventure companion “Chacara” and even though Galy is already famous, thanks to an unfair contract signed with his record label he doesn’t receive a penny from his fame and is forced to find alternative ways to survive in the capital. During this struggle he separates from Yamile and meets Carmencita, the woman who will support him blindly in his musical dream. Together they are able to gain independence from the record label and succeed but they will be separated by a trip to Los Angeles in which the singer seeks to conquer the Latin American market as a solo singer, a challenge very little people thought possible.

In this search, Galy loses faith in Carmencita, having to stay away longer than he had promised. Things don’t turn out as well as he thought they would and he is forced to start from scratch and build his fame again: singing on the streets, keeping track of every cent of a dollar struggling to survive like so many other immigrants there are in other countries until he achieves international success which at the same time allows him to regain confidence in himself and in his talent to reinvent himself.















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Carolina Lopez is Carmencita Bernal

“Mona”, as her friends also call her, is a beautiful young lady, very passionate, impulsive, fanatic of romantic ballads. Carmencita is another one who does things before thinking about them, she follows her instinct, and does not let difficulties bring her down, she does not mince her words and tells things just like they are. Galy will become the inspiration that Carmencita needs to be free. The problem is she never calculated the cost such freedom would have: the money, raising her children, real life who sometimes is not so pretty, like the ballads she loves to listen to.dio.

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Beatriz Palacios is Yamile

Yamile is used to being the ugly duckling in town, known also as “Frog face”. She is not the type of woman who will cry because of that, on the contrary, Yamile has taken shelter on her internal world, where she fantasizes about being another woman, a very different one, like her best friend Lorena, who has all the physical beauty she lacks. For five years, Yamile has devoted her time to forger Lorena´s letters, to, through them, conquer Galy´s love, who thinking he is corresponded, sighs with love every night with those letters. That is Yamile: a liar, smart, skillful, but very shy and insecure as to love an adventure herself.

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Margalida Castro is Flor Arcila

She is the owner of “La Caverna” “The Cavern”, the place where Galy moves into when he goes to live in Bogota. Despite being 60 years old, Mrs. Flor is still a woman who likes to take charge. With a strong character, she is independent, stubborn and used to doing things her way. Underneath that rude and controlling temperament hides a fragile, delicate woman, who regrets having given her only son up for adoption. When the doctors diagnosed her with cancer, which counts her days, Mrs. Flor will have the need to find that son in order to be at peace with herself, and Chacara will become her ally and friend.

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Santiago Reyes is Arturo Upegui

Medicine student, a victim of a strong Obsessive Compulsive Disease which has turned him into a helpless hypochondriac. Absolutely surrendered to his academic responsibilities, aseptic and strict order with all his things. Upegui is obsessed with marrying Carmencita, whom she falls deeply in love with and who he wants to seduce in the most conservative and traditional way. Upegui will have an antagonistic relationship with Luna, the esoteric hippie who sells handles at the pension door and who is his opposite: relaxed, without rules, without order, and for this same reason, his sexual obsession for which he is tremendously embarrassed about.mente.

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Santiago Moure is Julio Arcila

The only illusion he has is to win the lottery to get out of poverty, for that reason, he resists to find a job or do anything different than listening to the radio all day, to counterattack the nagging of his wife Lida, who feels she married someone useless. Julio, although it pains to admit it, knows he is useless, but it’s not Julio´s fault for not fulfilling Lida´s dreams, or the devout love he professes to her, are strong engines to make him get up from his chair and look for a job, so he will continue to live in Flor´s pension, Julio´s aunt, the only one in the family to accept him just like he is.

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Laura de Leon is Lorena

She is the most beautiful woman in Chiriguana and probably from all of Cesar. Besides that, she is Yamile´s best friend, who when she was a child, left to study at a boarding school in Bogota. For this reason, going back to the unpaved and dusty streets of Chiriguana. She finds everything old fashioned, provincial, out dated; which is why her dreams is to move to a big metropolis in the United States. Lorena starts to feel an unstoppable passion in her forced relationship with her boyfriend Felipe, which she will unleash with Galy, who turns out to be a man whose kisses consume her, and to her own embarrassment she will end up obsessed with him because she can never accept such an ugly and low class man.

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Aco Perez is Chacara

Manuel Zacarias Godines Ibarnes is Galy´s loyal friend, who has been with him since childhood. Mulatto, robust, not very handsome but he has a really good way with words. Chacara is what we could call a “snake charmer”. His ability with words will become the perfect complement that Galy needs in his career. Since his adolescence, Chacara will become the singer´s manager, always in charge of backing and advising him in all his contracts, even one more than once he screws things up by pretending he knows more than he actually does.

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Brian Moreno is Galy Galiano

Despite being a coast man, with pure costal blood, Carmelo Galiano, a name he shares with his paternal grandparent, is a natural born ballad singer, in a context where ballads were for women and “sissies”.   But this does not bother Galy, he goes through life enjoying the present and the good things that life puts in his way. He is not a man who is obsessed with fame, success or money, however, little by little life brings him opportunities so that he can conquer peaks he never even dreamed of. Galy is a romantic and an adventurer, who does things before thinking about them, which is why he always ends up tangled up in unusual situations out of which he always comes up triumphant.

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Xilena Aycardi is Sonia Cotez

Orlando Galiano´s wife and Galy´s, Carlos (“El Nene”) and Patricia´s (“Pitia”) mother. A woman whose ancestors come from La Guajira and who takes life by the reigns. Even though she loves her husband and children, she does not keep things bottled up. She is known as “the thousand deals”, because she has not finished selling something and she is already looking for something else to sell to see if they can get out of poverty once and for all. She is outgoing, imaginative, nothing is too big for her, she has no shame or measure, she finds a solution for everything, even if it’s her way, the way she thinks the world should be. She is very stubborn, the same or more than her husband