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Capitulo 3
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Fernando Bonilla, a consecrated engineer with a beautiful family, lives the most intense weekend in his life on account of Estefania Braun, a gorgeous and intelligent woman, too good to be true. It started out being a casual encounter, a random saturday in between the supermarket shelves, ends up being an unrestrained passionate encounter that consumes both of them until the sun raises the next moming.    














DURATION: 45 X 60"



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Since she was a girl, Violeta has been a witness to Mrs. Eva Maria Rojas and her daughters Estefania and Katerine Braun's madness. She is the maid for the "religious horror museum" where her employers live and keep their secrets among saints and eucalypt smell. She would love to leave that place, but she knows she could face lethal and harsh consequences. She is trapped by Estefania's terror regime, which is irascible and oppressor, she even prohibited her any trace of vanity, as she thinks it's a capital sin. She can't contact the external world. Eva Maria, Estefania's mother, is the closest thing to affection she has ever known. At age 10, Estefania bought her freedom from her mother. Paradoxically, it's her mother, Socorro Lopez, her only chance to get out of there and reunite with her. Or at least that was her only chance, until Angel Mistral appears in her life and offers her a way out of that hole, in exchange for Estefania Braun's darkest secrets.

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Eva Maria is a rich religious fanatic that has raised her daughters with an incredible attachment toward her and towards God. From a young  age, she taught her twins, Estefania and Katerine, to fear a vindictive God that is able to see it all and judge it too, before whom they must kneel and never offend with dishonor or with a flesh sin. But far away from obtaining her desired result of two daughters believers and pious, Eva Maria made of her daughter Estefania a monster beyond the imaginable.  Mrs. Eva Maria knows nothing about her daughter's life, except that she loves taking pictures of the dead and that her character is so explosive that it frightens her. She has no idea of who her friends are or what she does all day, but she suspects that it's not something good. She always wears black, she is rough and never leaves her huge house full of religious images, where she lives with her daughter and her maid, Violeta.

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Karina is a high class girl. She studied in one of the most prestigious schools in the city and then started her university and wanted to be a great fashion designer. She left her career half way done, because she discovered that her true calling was to be a housewife. She married Angel Mistral, Karina spends her day trying to be a perfect wife and that’s what she expects from her husband, she is a very jealous woman. She became so distrustful with men since her college boyfriend cheated on her; she is insecure and thinks bad things about everybody. She suffers when Angel does not pick up his phone and constantly doubts about her husband's fidelity.

She married Angel when she was completely in love with him and more than him, she loves the idea of being married, having kids and having a home like those they show in magazines. However, as a frequent magazine reader, she spends her day looking for little details that might sell her husband out and prove his infidelities. She is a professional when it comes to reclamations, she expects to be treated as a princess 24/7, and she needs to be her husband and friend's epicenter. She feels responsible for her future son and husband's behavior, who she overprotects like a beast. She projects her insecurities on to her son and soon enough he will be full of false allergies and fears.

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Angel is Fernando's childhood best friend, he has more or less the same profile as Fernando, and he is a very honest man, honorable and has a very big heart. Sympathetic and affable, so warm that he could melt anyone. Although he also shares with his friend love and respect towards his family, unlike Fernando, Angel does not have an idyllic home. He is married to Karina, an insecure woman, very immature one and excessively jealous. Far from hooking onto her unjustified claims, Angel recurs to his great patience and his excellent sense of humor, in order to give less meaning to his wife's "explosions", who he tries to understand and who he loves deeply since he was very young.  Karina is his first and only love and Angel only has eyes for her. They are expecting Claudio, their first child. Nevertheless Angel's kindness has some limits and that limit has to do with his loved ones. If someone would hurt them "Angel" would turn into a "Demon". And that's just what Estefania's presence in Fernando Bonilla's life will achieve. Angel will be the only one to know the hell that Fernando fell into because of this woman and he will do whatever he can to help out his friend, even if it means risking his own life.

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Bibiana is a natural woman, pragmatic and beautiful. Born and raised in a small city, she brought to the capital city her cooking skills and joy along with her; she enjoys the simplest things of life just as her parents taught her. She is an only daughter, she does not believe in love at first sight, but that was what she felt when she saw Fernando Bonilla for the first time at the university. She doesn't believe in princesses and princes either, but her life next to Fernando and her daughter Matilde resembles a fairy tale's ending: "and they lived happily ever after". She never put aside her career in fashion design. She is creative and independent, discreet, and sweet, a free spirit that does not see in marriage some kind of jail, a limitation to her personal life, instead she sees a project that is meant to be sheared and Fernando is her better half in that task. Bibiana is easy going, relaxed in original outfits, with just the perfect amount of femininity and sauciness and she knows she owns it and does not have to strive in order to show it. And even less right now, with a baby on the way, happiness, of course, hormones, are sparkling their way out! This woman is full of life, grace, excellent humor and she is so sure of herself, that she does not distrust her husband one single second. She does not know what jealousy feels like, because she firmly believes that her marriage was built over a bullet proof foundation, made out of love, compromise, passion, games and partnership. Just like Fernando, she hates lies. And this will precisely be what destroys her marriage. With time Bibiana is not going to be able to comprehend Fernando's changes. She will be incapable to understand Fernando's changes, his constant and silent suffering.  This uncertainty will cut the ties between them and both of them will want to end their relationship, Bibiana will think that the Fernando that she met a few years ago, does not exist anymore and that he has been replaced by a new cold, distant, deceitful version that she no longer recognizes and that she's on the verge of despising.

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Estefania is a stunning woman, her beauty is breathtaking. She is one of those women that attract glances and looks without making any type of effort, she seems secure, with a very hot look and stage presence which make her seem mature. She is beautiful and she knows it. She was born fifteen minutes later after her twin sister when nobody was expecting it. Katerine was an expected child by her parents, but Estefania did not even have a name or less a crib waiting for her. Her parents had to hire a nanny at the last moment and send the maids out to buy some clothes for her. She had to make herself shine from the moment she was born. She was raised in a home with a rigid mother and a distant father, strict rules, agitated social life and very few demonstrations of affection. Since she was little, she heard her mother say nasty things about men and refer to them as predators, irrational and with a lack of intelligence. Fact she confirmed when she met Fernando Bonilla at school, and suffered because of him, her first broken heart experience.  Such profound experience marked her for the rest of her life.

She is outstandingly brilliant and fast, which makes her a great manipulator. Estefania knows what she wants and gets her hands on it no matter what. While Katherine has a rebellious phase against her mother and stormed out of school to live her life however she wanted to, Estefania never had the courage to do so and she hated herself for that. She was raised to take care of her mother as she got old. What her mother didn’t foresee was that instead of taking care of her she would submit her to her whims and tyranny. With time she turned into a very difficult woman incapable of having any type of relationship, she focused on her work and lost interest while Katherine discovered love.

Full of hatred and resentment for all she didn't get to do, Estefania's sociopath condition developed, turning her into a dangerous and calculating being. Incapable of feeling pain for anyone but herself, she would do anything in order to please her own desires. She never had short comings as she was growing up, she does not know what it means to want something and not have it. She decided to devote her time to photography and focused on death as her main theme, the only thing that really moves her.

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Fernando Bonilla's life is more than perfect. He is one of those rare specimens that has made himself from scratch, which believes that when you give your word you must follow through, believes in respect and family love and in escalating new positions because they must be earned with hard work without owing anybody favors, and practices out of fashion values like honesty and loyalty. You can see through him, he hates lying and dislikes who ever needs to do so. He is extremely righteous, meticulous, and reserved, and this is why his temper seems to be strong or even sullen. Nevertheless this man is full of love and tenderness towards his home, next to his beautiful wife Bibiana and his daughter Matilde, building such an idyllic family life that some could envy. Because of these two ladies, and for now because of the baby Bibiana is expecting, he would kill "literally". He is an attractive man, those that get even better with age, he is tall, with athletic complexion, excellent physical condition, and necessary because of his constant occupations as the head of maintenance of "Ciclon's" entertainment parks, company he works for as a roller coaster designer. He was not made to wear a suit and a tie, and that's why he competes with Andres Arango, his eternal headache at "Ciclon". Fernando complaints all day long about "Arango" to his best friend, Angel Mistral, former classmate and best buddy for whom Fernando would risk his life. Fernando is what you could call "A man made of one piece". Or at least he used to be. Until Estefania Braun turns his life upside down and turns it into what Fernando would never desire even to his biggest enemy: A bottomless well full of horrifying secrets.

When Fernando saw Estefania for the first time, he never imagined that such angelical smile and that such beauty could hide a monster. He committed his only and worse mistake in his life for her: being unfaithful to his wife and having a night of unleashed passion with the devil itself.  His luminous and see through life, begins to darken as continuous phone calls and weird apparitions from this lady take place, she seems determined to destroy his well-being at any cost. That obsession turns into an even darker shade, in a very confusing night for Fernando, since he was drugged by Estefania, he loses control after a heated argument and blacked out. As he recovers consciousness, the spectacle for Fernando is completely horrifying: Estefania is next to him laying over a puddle of blood, dead.  Desperate, Fernando hurries to get rid of the body. With his soul torn to pieces due to the guilt he feels because of the crime he just committed, he tries to rebuild his life. He heads back home and makes a big effort to hide from his family any trace of the horror he lived that night, Fernando receives a note that says: "I did not like what you did to my corpse, today at six o'clock go to the place shown on the map, Don't you dare leave me hanging". And from this moment on the worst nightmare takes place. From that moment on, every minute of Fernando's life is a step closer to the hellhole Estefania Braun has thoroughly fabricated for him, and that appears to be a derailed roller coaster with a bad end.