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Capitulo 1
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For Francisco Lopez, Monday is his lucky day. He was born on a Monday, he lost his virginity on a Monday, got married on a Monday, had his first daughter on a Monday, joined the bank where he has worked for ten years on a Mondaya and that Monday they were going to name him Regional Manager of the company. But that day, things changed, and he is not promoted, but unjustly fired by Roberto Montoya, who works for the same bank and is the boss of Francisco´s wife at another branch, getting the management position that Francisco dreamed of.

10 years of loyalty working in the bank and not even a thank you. But this doesn’t worry him because he is one of those Colombians that were born to conquer the world, so he leaves decided to take care of his household, because his wife won’t allow him to do nothing. Francisco turns into the new househusband of the “Los Faroles” Residential Unit. His new and important obligations are cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, ironing without burning, cooking, looking after his children, and walking the dog. As do all the housewives of the residential unit, as does Bertha, his new neighbor, Roberto’s wife, the same one that fired him from the bank.

While Bertha is nice to him, Francisco can’t stand her; to him she is nothing but a housewife with no aspirations like her friends, the neighbors, the “Vigor,” as his wife Mariana calls them, because they are the old and fat women of the unit. But Bertha is far from being a housewife with no aspirations; she is determined to set up a cookie business to stop being dependant of her husband. The problem is that she knows about cookies, not about numbers, so she needs the help of a financial advisor, and since Francisco is unemployed, who better than him to help her with her business.

That is how Francisco starts to get to know Bertha and the “Vigor”, whom despite their humorous character, are women that suffer in bad marriages. Little by little they earn Francisco’s affection, which begins to solve their problems by becoming their leader, one more of the gang, the “Vigor”. Francisco doesn’t have his dreamed job, or the luxury car he always wanted, but instead he has friends that listen to him and respect him, who follow his advice to not let their husband mistreat them, who would do whatever they had to help him out if he needs money, and tell each other all the gossip and news of the day through their kitchen windows until nine at night.

And from so much working, talking, so many walks to the park with the dogs, and so many recipes, love is born between Francisco and Bertha, the two neighbors, the househusband and the neighborhood’s cookie entrepreneur; a forbidden love, mature, and platonic, they are both married, trying survive from their damaged marriages. An accomplice love that has everything against it, but because of its innocence and constant struggle against life’s adversities is able to be maintained.




















DURATION: 122 x 60" EST.


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Julio Cesar Herrera is Professor Arango

40 years old. He is a socialist theorist, filled with books on the Marxist economic theory under his arm. He reads all day and can recite parts from Marx’s Capital. He tries to apply his theory to day to day life, but he can’t even understand things he’s saying. With all the theory that’s in his head, he speaks unclearly; he says one thing but people understand something else. He doesn’t like students to interrupt him during class. He always questions himself on the genesis of what’s happening or what he’s being told. He sees his life from socialism, from socialist economy. His vision of life is changed when he meets  Camila, who will break the preconceptions and rigidness with which he lives life.

He always wears black turtle neck sweaters, jeans, and white tennis shoes. He doesn’t like to think about what to wear in the mornings, so he always dresses the same. He feels proud of his studies, two mayors, a master’s degree, and a doctor’s degree. He carries his diplomas in his briefcase and shows them with pride like medals or trophies.

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Liliana Gonzalez is Pili, The Orphan

34 years old, she is the youngest of the group. She has a newborn baby. Her husband, Carlos, is a travelling agent, so he’s never home. She lives with her mother-in-law, Sandra, 65 years old, a bitter woman that makes her life impossible. Pili is a very negative woman, bitter; things don’t work for her; she is governed by Murphy’s law. She says things as they come, as they are. With time she will realize that her husband’s long trips are because he has another woman. Her mother in law is an accomplice of this situation. She’s always in her pajamas with the baby hanging on her back with a sling. 

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Constanza Hernandez is Xime, La Queen

40 years old. She was thin, was a beauty queen when she was 18, but she got married and got fat and couldn’t ever get back into shape. She has tried and tries every diet and remedy. She’s married to Jorge, 40 years old, the owner of the only gym/spa in the neighborhood; a tall, muscular man; muscles that have turned into excess pounds over the years.

Ximena always has an energy shake that replaces her meals, but it’s really a mix between the ingredients of the shake and liquor; she loves booze. She loses it with carbs; she can’t smell them because she will eat and eat nonstop. She has convinced her husband that she only eats salads and exercises all day. She fixed the balance in her house so that it won’t go over the red emergency line that her obsessive husband marked; she even has a small recorder with the sound of a elliptical trainer working so when he calls she make him believe she is exercising. Ximena always wears tennis shoes and sweats, and has thousands of girdles for everything: her waist, her ankle, even her piggy toe. 

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Marcela Agudelo is Rebeca, The Widow

48 years old. She is the oldest of the Vigor’s clan, the one that has been living the longest in the “Los Faroles” Residential Unit. She has been married for more than 25 years with Ramiro, but her marriage should’ve been over about ten years ago. She has a terrible relationship with her husband, Ramiro, who doesn’t speak to her anymore and hardly even determines her. What Rebeca doesn’t understand is why he doesn’t leave her so she can live in peace. Ramiro, a 53 years old accountant, is quiet and shy, that looks like a philosophy professor, with a pipe and a book always in his hand, but he can be aggressive when Rebeca annoys him. He has hit her many times, a situation that Rebeca hides from her friends because of embarrassment.

Rebeca is always dressed in a white blouse and black pants, never changing her style. She is a sad woman inside, who always dreamed of having children, but Ramiro never gave her any. She spends her days fixing up the house, talking to her friends, and buying every device that appears on infomercials, whatever it is, from a no-peel juicer to the device that allows you to listen to the drop of a pin from 10 kilometers away.

Rebeca reads mystery books all day. She watches detective movies and TV shows imagining once and again how to kill her husband and not be charged with murder, but rather becomes a widow. It has been so many years of unhappiness that she has written a manual called “How to kill your husband and not die trying,” which has been perfected throughout the years, from choking him with a pillow to electrocuting him with the drying when he’s bathing. Rebeca enjoys dreaming of this, but one day she starts to talk about this seriously; if someone makes you unhappy, you must eliminate them. 

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Sebastián Gutierrez is Fercho

11 years old. Bertha and Roberto’s son. He’s in the Boy Scouts, always ready; he’s always wearing his Boy Scout uniform and has a bag full of things to go on an excursion. He’s always paying attention to everything that happens with his family and the residential unit; he’s very nosy. If he hears a home accident, he’ll arrive with his first aid kit; if he hears that Francisco’s children are going somewhere, he’ll want to go. And he greets everyone by their last names, very respectfully he says, “good morning Mr. Lopez, hello Mrs. Lopez, hi Ms. Lopez.”

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Alison García is Sorpresa

10 years old. She is Francisco and Mariana’s youngest daughter. They weren’t expecting her; she arrived by surprise to the marriage, that’s where her name comes from. She is an intelligent and mature little girl, maybe even more than anyone in the family. She loves Francisco very much; she keeps him grounded, criticizes him, applauds him, ignores him, and loves him at the same time. She comments everything she sees and everything she thinks; she’s imprudent and always wants to know what is going on in the family.

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José Julián Gaviria is Diego

16 years old. Francisco and Mariana’s son. He is surprisingly in tenth grade. He is a shy young man that doesn’t fit in socially and begins to explore different urban tribes in the city. He begins with the Gothics, dresses like them, wants to think and feel like them, but he can’t. This situation depresses him and makes him change tribe, always changing his look, his hair, and his way of talking. This circumstance confronts him with his father until he is able to understand that instead of getting mad at him he has to support him so that Diego can understand what he wants, and help him to decide where his life is going to. He is an artist, he loves to invent performances where he mixes and expresses his feeling and the reality of his life. Surprisingly, his little sister is his great confident, his accomplice, who shares and pushes him to do crazy things for his age.

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Diana Neira is Camila, The undressed young woman

21 years old, Francisco and Mariana’s daughter, she is going to college on her second semester of business administration. With one drink she takes off her clothes and sleeps with her friends. She doesn’t have a close relationship with her parents, being more close to Mariana than with Francisco. She is independent; doesn’t ask them for money; she designs and makes bathing suits that she sells at college. She doesn’t have any female friends, but she relates very well with men. She is a much desired woman at school, but that’s it; she doesn’t want anything serious, she doesn’t believe in love, doesn’t want any commitments or to be attached to anyone. She wants to finish her career and go to Europe to see the world of fashion and continue with her bathing suit designs. 

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Marcelo do Santos is Roberto, The boss

42 years old. A sexist, he doesn’t like his wife to work or do anything other than take care of the household; that’s what wives are for. For him, marriage is seriousness in love; other women are for diversion and recognition. But don’t ever think of telling him to leave Bertha, divorce from her, and fall in love because he won’t put up with it. He only married once, had a child once, and that’s it; the rest is to entertain the soul. Robert is a paranoid man; everything he does he revises and measures from a legal point of view, assessed by his best friend Javier, a 38 years old, and legal advisor of the bank where they work.

He has his eye on Mariana, and wants her as his lover. He is jealous of Francisco because he is married to her and they apparently are the perfect family; but all ends when Robert fires Francisco from the bank. 

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Margarita Ortega is Mariana Ortiz

36 years old. Francisco’s wife. She met him when she started working as a secretary of a bank’s manager. She has a technical degree in business administration. She is an intelligent woman, lives with numbers in her head, and wants to go somewhere with her career. She likes luxuries and having a comfortable life; if Francisco can’t give it to her, she will leave because she doesn’t have time to waste; she needs someone that can keep up with her and help her get everything she wants.

Her marriage is worn out; almost 20 years have damaged the relationship. She loves Francisco but she is upset that he got in a rut while she has moved forward and advanced in her career. When Francisco is fired from his job, that is the end for her; knowing that with him despite being the father of her children, she’is not going to go anywhere.

She is the most desired of the neighborhood and she knows it; the girl with the miniskirt, the perfect hair and perfectly manicured fingers, even on a Sunday; the one that exercises; the modern wife of the “Los Faroles” Residential Unit. 

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Katherine Vélez is Bertha Hernández

43 years old. She is typical the good wife. Faithful, dedicated to her son, her husband, even though he doesn’t love her so much anymore. She manages her home better than anybody. She doesn’t like her name, having gotten pregnant so young and having to get married. She would give her life for her family, even though her youthful years were lost forever. She doesn’t wear makeup, always wears a ponytail, simple dresses with a sweater over them, most of them worn out; she rarely goes to the beauty salon, and buys her clothes on special sales. She loves Reggeaton music, but only her friends know and Francisco because he hears her hum any song that plays on the radio. Her hands sweat when she gets nervous.

She is the leader of the Vigor’s clan, dreams of being independent from her husband, make her own money, and as any housewife she fears that her husband could leave her for a bank executive and she can’t support her son by herself, which is why she wants to start her own cookie and dessert business. She studies whatever free courses she can find on the internet. Despite adversities, she always has a smile on her face and a positive message of encouragement. She represents hope, the reflection of a typical housewife that is on an adult age and would have wanted to do something more with her life, besides being a faithful wife and a consummated mother. 

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Rolando Tarajano is Francisco López

43 years old. Business manager. He worked his whole life in the banking sector. He began as a cashier when he was very young, then worked in customer service, and ended up as a financial analyst. He dreams of being the bank manager, buying a brand new car for the first time, buying a house with a garden, having his own secretary, coffee maker and cookies just for him; he has fought for this status since he entered the bank just out of college.

Dressed with a blazer, a classic wool vest and tie, a briefcase, and always carrying an umbrella just in case it rains. He likes to see his wife made up, go to work, and take care of herself.  He likes “light” women. He’s a workaholic, careless about his children and would rather avoid them. His duty as a father is paying for their college or school. He denies credit to dreamers, students, or housewives. He doesn’t believe in them and doesn’t believe his wife would cheat on him, and much less think that he would be jobless. He’s arrogant, thinks he’s from a better family; nobody from the neighborhood likes him but he doesn’t care.

He will show all his masculinity to conquer the world when he becomes unemployed. He will show what he is capable of, even if no one believes in him.