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In the second season of Heart's Decree we will see our lawyers, experts in family and criminal law: Pablo Domínguez, Alfredo Duperly, Nicolás Ortega, María del Pilar Garcés, Catalina Mejía, Julia Escallón and Marcos Tibatá, dedicated to their cases. of family conflicts, of couples and criminals, but this time in the context of the construction and consolidation of their new law firm, after the liquidation of Cabal, Ortega, Domínguez y Asociados.

The arrival of the prestigious lawyer Adela Zambrano allowed them to establish their new law firm and, therefore, this new firm will come with a couple of lawyers who worked with her, Dr. Soledad Santamaría, lawyer in criminal law and Dr. Valentín Martelo . , expert lawyer in family law. In parallel, we will learn much more about the romantic and personal lives of our lawyers:

Alfredo Duperly and Catalina Mejía will enjoy their "happy" married life, but they will discover that there are difficulties to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

María del Pilar Garcés and Nicolás Ortega will decide to take another step in their relationship and will develop a conflictive romance.

On the other hand, Marcos Tibatá and Camila Salamanca, will continue their romance, and we will see more clearly the professional and social promotion of Marcos and the conflicts that this will represent for the couple.

Finally, Pablo Domínguez, who achieved the adoption and joint custody of his children, must live with the children and at the same time work in his relationship with Julia Escallón, without any kind of link, but this situation will delay and complicate their relationship, showing the difficult evolution of a "contemporary" courtship, where one of the parties has responsibilities with children.

In this way, this group of lawyers will face this new work that begins from the crisis in which they stayed, but also to the personal and romantic life.


Executive Producer: Jorge Giraldo 

Production Manager: Luis Eduardo Chacón 

Directors: Sergio Osorio and Víctor Cantillo 

Director of Photography: Alfonso Parra. 

Original idea: Mónica Agudelo. 

Art Director: Jesús Gonzalo Martínez Bustos 

Booklets: Luis Felipe Salamanca 

Music: Nicolás Uribe

Duration: 140 x 60''


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Alfredo Duperly

Criminal lawyer. He married Catalina for love, and he wants to have a family with her, however, his wife is obsessed with this idea, and it’s starting to harm their relationship, which will also be affected by the arrival of Duperly´s parents, who come back to the country when they fell under the scam of the Platinum Fund scandal. These events affect Alfredo´s credibility and his romantic relationship.

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Pablo Domínguez

Family Law attorney. In this new season, Pablo must admit he was not able to build the firm he wanted and, he will have to accept that to move forward he has to give in a bit. After discovering that a long-term relationship with Julia would not work, the couple decide to break up. Sometime later, Pablo gives himself a new chance at love with the lawyer Lucía Vallejo, without knowing that Julia will come back to stir up his past.

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Catalina Mejía

Family Law attorney. She is very sensible to other people´s pain, and she is always willing to help. This season, she wishes to have a big family, and the issue will become almost an obsession, which will interfere with her relationship with Alfredo. But she will not only be affected by this, but from the sudden arrival of her in-laws, who she had not met and who don’t look at her with good eyes.


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Julia Escallón

Family Law attorney. She decided to go study abroad, in Spain, and when she saw that things were not working out with Pablo, because of the long-distance issue, she decided to end the relationship. After three years of studying away, she comes back to the country, believing, deep down in her soul, that she can have a new opportunity with Pablo, but she finds a huge surprise when she discovers he is seeing another woman. However, Julia who has not stopped loving him, will have to see if Pablo distances himself from her, or fight to get him back.

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Nicolás Ortega

Criminal lawyer. He always stood out as gigolo, but this season he will realize that what he feels for María del Pilar is true love, and he will try to prove this to her.

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María Del Pilar Garcés

Family Law attorney. She still has her strong character, tenacious and strict, to work on her family law cases, especially those related to violence against women. This season, after learning about Nicolás´ declaration of love, she will debate between believing him or not, due to his history with women. Deep down, she feels the same way towards him, but she is no willing to admit it.

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Marcos Tibatá

Criminal lawyer. After breaking up with Camila, Marcos begins a new relationship with Doris, who asks him to formalize their relationship, however, the responsibilities he still has towards his mother, Lola, stop him from taking the next step, nonetheless, when he makes the decision it will be too late, and he will have to face the consequences of this delayed action.

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Lucía Vallejo

Civil law attorney. Lucía is friends with Alfredo Duperly´s family and thanks to that she met Pablo, although they have not been together for a long time, she knows he is the love of her life. Lucía is a smart, relaxed, fun and honest woman, but Julia´s arrival will make her stability with Pablo start to tumble.

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Alonso Olarte

Highly successful criminal law attorney, a person without scruples, who will do anything to win. He is Adela´s ex-husband, who swears to get revenge when he discovers she cheated on him with another woman. He will not hesitate in upsetting her personal or professional life, and he will become her enemy.