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Lala's Spa

Lala's Spa

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A stunning transgender woman who inherits from her beautiful and sympathetic mother a taste for aesthetics and hairdressing. She precisely supports her with a lot of effort so that she travels to Paris to update herself.

The story begins with Lala returning to the popular neighborhood where she grew up and where her mother has the beauty salon that her daughter now wants to transform into a great SPA. But the hairdresser is not the only thing that will change radically. Lala's life takes a complete turn when Francisco arrives there, a handsome high-society executive, frivolous and a womanizer like no other.

Francisco is the fugitive from justice, accused of a crime he did not commit: a millionaire will be orchestrated by his father-in-law who used him to steal from prosperous companies and large millionaires who entrusted their capital to the financial company of his property and of which he is manager. 

The fugitive heartthrob arrives at the hairdresser looking for a physical change that will make it easier for him to flee from the authorities and when he meets Lala a mutual attraction is born that ends up becoming true love, but not before facing the long and bumpy road that relationships go through when they meet them. involved come from opposite worlds. Difficulties that are even greater if the condition of Lala is involved, who was Lalo first, and a jealous, ambitious and intriguing girlfriend who will do everything to get her lover back.

While justice is done and Francisco's innocence comes to the fore, he ends up living in the back room of the hairdresser protected by Lala and her picturesque friends from the neighborhood, in the midst of funny situations that also reveal the value of friendship and solidarity, above all else.


Produced by: RCN televisión

Directors: Germán Porras y Olga Lucía Rodríguez

Producer: Andrés Santamaría

Scripts: Juan Manuel Caceres, Héctor Moncada, Camilo Rojas, Jorge Mario Escobar, Sebastián Cáceres, Felipe Cáceres.

Format: Serie

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 80x60


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Lala, the exceptional and charming hairdresser, has a special eye for finding beauty in every human being and magic in her hands: Anyone who sits in her “stylist” chair, ugly or pretty, fat or skinny, rich or poor, Everyone is different when she finishes, everyone feels that someone brought out the best, the most beautiful. For those in her neighborhood, Lala, in addition to being a hairdresser, is a kind of psychologist and advisor to all who go, they give her their hair, their head and their soul. Lala always listens, tries to understand, has the right advice and the way to cheer up even the saddest.

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Francisco Ponce de León

He is the most successful "stockbroker", everything he touches turns gold, daring and with an instinct to intuit money, smell it from a distance, discover it where no one sees it. Francisco is the boyfriend of Genoveva Rubio, daughter of the almost owner and Big Boss, of the finance company, the most important stock brokerage company in the country. Thanks to this courtship and secure commitment, Francisco will surely be Rubio's right hand man.

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Ingrid is Lala's cousin, Nelcy is her late father's sister. Ingrid grew up in a stratum 2 neighborhood, studying at a public school and won the lottery when 48-year-old Nelson Villegas, 'El Zar del Lulo', owner of a warehouse in Abastos, noticed her, taking her to live in his house and making her his woman. Ingrid feels happy because they have her living in a golden cage, but she does not love her man, and to top it all, her insecurity and her way of seeing life make her watch, notice and even fall in love with the one she is passes by the front, thinking that this is how she reaffirms herself as a female and a fatal woman.

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Juan C. Platz

They studied together, crossed paths at the University and “Juanca” ended up working at La Financiera, helped by Francisco, who introduced him and recommended him. Those who know him have always seen Juanca as a shadow of his brilliant friend Francisco, and from school Juanca has always envied Francisco. Although Juanca's family always had more money and connections than Francisco's, Juanca has had to go after his friend since he was a child.

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Nelson "The lulo`s zar"

He is Ingrid's husband, Lala and Genoveva's rival. He comes from a town in Tierra Caliente and is of peasant origin, but he looks like a mobster. However, he is an honest and hardworking man who just likes to show off his manhood and money. Extremely macho, he thinks he is the owner of his wife not only because she is his legitimate wife but also because he has invested a lot of money to make her the "doll" that she is.