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Mauricio Reina of La Hoz, a famous designer, and businessman, owner of  Hebe, a female’s underwear company. To everyone’s eyes, he has the perfect life. He is handsome, he has a lot of money, and he is successful with women. There is nothing missing in his life. His only concern is to present the latest underwear collection during the fashion week, which is presented each year to the entire company. To do this, his friends work with him. Danny is in charge of logistic operations. Toño, is the chef and he is taking care of the catering. Octavio is the truck’s driver and he does the deliveries. Jorge, is the lawyer, who gives him advise most of the times. Despite everything seems to flow, Mauricio gets troubled when his girlfriend, Miranda, proposes to him. He says he is not ready, nor interested in this type of commitment, and he breaks up with her. Also, he finds out that one of his friends, Fabian, has stolen all the company’s money away and has left the country, leaving Mauricio broke. To top it all, a few hours from the parade, Maria, a woman he met years ago, arrives to his door with a eight-year-old girl, telling him that he has to take care of her, because she is his daughter, and Maria is leaving the country for 6 months.


Directors: Israel Sánchez y Catalina Hernández

Scripts: Juan Andrés Granados, Fernand Rivera, Juan Carlos Troncoso y Elkin Ospina

Executive Producer: Yalile Giordanelli

Year of production: 2019 - 2020
Genre: Series
Duration: 130 x 60’ (Est)

Produced by: RCN Televisión.

Status: Currently under Production



imagen sinopsis

This handsome 34 year old young man, has the life he wanted. He designs women’s underwear, he owns one of the most important companies in the industry in the country. He is very successful with women, but doesn´t feel prepared to assume the commitment to get married, have children and start a family. When love comes in his life, he ends up understanding that it was always very close: in Dany, one of his best friends. With the help of his alleged daughter, Mauricio grows up, reinvents and transforms his life.


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She´s a happy girl even though, at eight years old, she isn´t sure who her father is. She grew up in a town far from the city and her mother is her great idol, a woman who learned from the mistakes of her youth and is educating little Isabel with a lot of love, a lot of communication and a great awareness of reality, so she is a surprising girl for her maturity. That is why she agrees for her mother to move to Australia to look for a better future for both of them. Isabel becomes a true teacher for Mauricio, and Dany, and her alleged father’s assistant, becomes his accomplice and best friend.

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At 26, she has become Mauricio’s right hand at his company, where she has been working since she was 21, she comes from a very humble family, she is beautiful and intelligent and with a great capacity for overcoming any obstacle. Her best kept secret, even for herself, is the love she feels for Mauricio, her boss and friend, although she has a boyfriend who she´s with more by reason than by heart. When little Isabel comes to Mauricio’s life, she also becomes his best ally to help her with the care of the girl. 

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This young 27 year old man is humble and eager to get ahead, he´s Dany’s boyfriend. In addition to being Mauricio’s teammate in the football team, the link between the two is strengthened after the bankruptcy of the fashion company in which Lorenzo is a messenger. Despite the great affection he feels for Mauricio and his kindness, when he realizes that there is an attraction between his girlfriend and Mauricio, he stands up and is willing to do whatever he needs to do in order to keep him from snatching Dany from him.


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At 60, he is the oldest of the four friends. After 30 years of marriage, his relationship enters into a crisis and he splits from his wife who becomes his best friend. With her, he has Milagros, the engine of his life. One day he meets Azucena, a model 36 years younger than him. He falls madly in love with her and even decides to help her raise her baby. Things get complicated when his ex-wife and daughter Milagros make a common front to end that relationship because they don´t like it and as if this weren´t enough, the ex-husband of his girlfriend Azucena shows up as well, to claim his son and his place in the life of the model.

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She is a voluptuous 27-year-old model who couldn´t have access to a good education. She´s had to fight against the fate that men look at her only for her beauty. She married a vulgar, ordinary and macho man who promised her a comfortable life because he had money. She is a good mother, cheerful, spontaneous and authentic. She left her husband quickly. She discovered in Octavio the first man, in her life, who treated her with delicacy, who values and loves her.

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This chef who is 34 years old completes the group of four friends. He is characterized by his kindness, especially in dealing with women. However, he has a strange conception of them: he believes that like children, they must be protected. This is a lag of the macho and traditional training he received from his father. He has always exercised a dominant position in his relationship with Verónica, his wife, with whom he lives in great harmony until he loses his job and the roles at home are reversed. Toño can´t stand the fact that his wife is the one financially supporting the home. The relationship deteriorates and ends in divorce. 


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She´s Toño’s wife, a year younger than him. She is intelligent, conciliatory, supportive and brave. Good mother and great wife. She does her best to save her relationship when it deteriorates, but she discovers a Toño she didn´t know: macho, stubborn and proud and with a very wrong idea of women. Soon she finds love again, in a man completely opposed to her ex-husband, but she will be very confused when Toño, regretful, returns to ask her back. Veronica doesn’t know if it’s too late.

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A 36-year-old lawyer, a good person, whose most characteristic feature is his high sense of morality and ethics. He began his career at a buffet very young where he stood out for his excellence. His colleagues predicted a bright future as Prosecutor or Magistrate, but he preferred to remain a run-of-the-mill lawyer. At the firm he met Catalina, the woman of his dreams. They soon got married and had a daughter. Both became the engine of Jorge’s life. He dedicated himself to pampering them and leading a quiet life that eventually bored his wife who left him for another man. This blow shakes Jorge who disappointed thinks that being good cost him his happiness. He tries to become bad, but fails and undertakes his personal reconstruction convinced that righteousness is the way. He recovers the relationship with his daughter who saw him as a failure and when his wife returns regretfully he does not know if he can forgive her infidelity.

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This 34-year-old lawyer, good looking and intelligent, risky and a leader, is Jorge’s wife. When she meets him, like her fellow law firm coworkers, she is convinced that he will go far as a magistrate or judge. She falls madly in love with Jorge to the point that it is her who asks for marriage. She is a woman who does not like losing and because of that she moves with great skill among the gaps left by the Law, in order to win all her cases. She loves strong emotions so she gets tired of the almost perfect life she has with her husband whom after 16 years of marriage she sees as a “nobody.” She decides to maintain a relationship with one of his clients, imprisoned for a crime he did commit. She does everything to free him from prison and embark on an adventure that her husband ends up discovering. So she leaves Jorge but a while later, come back regretfully.