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Demo un sueño llamado salsa


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Capitulo 1
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Richi Torres, the best salsa dancer in Cali has lost the opportunity of his lifetime. Gustavo Ortiz, a corrupt local politician has vetoed his participation in the World Salsa Championship being held in the United States and has closed down. "Arrebato Latino", a dance academy belonging to Richi and his family. Ortiz has been pressuring Richi to change his dance style, but Richi is determined not to give in and change his style or his humble essence. The impact of his decision is felt immediately; all his presentations are cancelled and the doors of rumba and dancing are closed to him at once; as a result, Arrebato Latino begins to roll downhill.

In an attempt to make Arrebato Latino rise again, Richi decides to quit dancing and accept Ortiz's conditions. Unfortunately the politician's resentment is stronger than his promises and he does not keep his word. While the dance academy fights hard to survive, Richi takes to drinking and partying; he stops training and simply takes a dive surrendering into oblivion. Yet, life will give this fighter and warrior a second chance when Margarita Wilkins, a beautiful, arrogant, spiteful executive, comes for his aid to help her save her business. Margarita’s previous partner has been stealing all her clients, and on top of this Rafael, her ex-fiancee, decided to leave gorgeous Margarita and elopes with a young, perfect model. Margarita contacts Richi with the idea of producing a dance show in order to participate in the Salsodromo opening in Cali. Margarita owns a real estate office and she is desperately trying to save her company from going bankrupt after being cheated by Liubica Arbeláez, an old partner of hers. She needs the best dancer to win the tender and Richi is the best. Margarita becomes his guardian angel; she will help him recover his life and his passion for dancing. In return, Richi brings spark and joy to her life, two elements Margarita had not enjoyed in a very long a long time.

The need of both to do well brings them to propose to Ariel to do the next world championship of Salsa in Cali, the day of the inaugurvbation of the Salsodromo. This added to the fact that both of them are participating as dancing partners for the world price, makes them winners of the tender. Thus the construction of the Salsodromo, the training for the world salsa competition and the love story between Richie and Margarita’s begin. But Margarita is weak, she allows Rafa to convince her and she forgives him for his past infidelity and accepts to marry him leaving Richi; what Margarita ignores is that he is allied with Liubica Arbeláez and Gustavo Ortiz to swindle her. Margarita ends up without her wedding, without Richi and without the Salsodromo. In order not to be arrested for all the money her former fiancé and his partners have stolen, she pays all their debts and is left with nothing. However, what hurts her most is not the money but having lied to Richi knowing that she loved him. Both of them take different ways. He goes back to dancing and to his fight against Gustavo Ortiz. On the other hand, she tries to start up her professional career and find the way to make this lower class dancer, as she would call him, forgive her. Margarita finally succeeds in holding the salsa world championship in Cali and in recovering Richi's love.

They are both determined to take this chance life is giving them not only as salsa partners for the world championship but also as lovers. Margarita manages to prove her innocence while she dances with Richi. They win the salsa championship held during the Salsodromo inauguration. On the other hand Ariel Trujillo -aware of the activities carried out by the true swindlers-, decides to put them behind bars. Margarita and Richi finally see their dreams come true. They have reached the goals they had and have overcome those who opposed them; always striving for love, with the drive for success, the thrill of their love and the desire to conquer a dream…called salsa.




Juan Pablo Gaviria


Diego Valencia


21 x 60 ''


Documentary film




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22 years old, he is Richi´s opponet at all levels. They are constantly  competing for every single thing, such as: be the best dancer of Cali, of Colombia, of the world; get Jenny´s love, and so on. He is a show off, a conceited and particularly selfish guy. Having and ambitious and strong character, he tries to look like Richi, but nothing has a good end with him. He will push everybody aside to open a path for him without any fear to trample anybody. He will get to the point of selling his soul to the devil, Tito in this case, to be able to have his own academy and become this best.

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She is a beatifull woman who is 24 years old, and the only child of Candela, a mulatto that worked as a maid she is ambitions and is decided to succeed in her life using her talent, in orden to take her mother out of la Ruñidera. She was Bobby´s gilfriend until she changed him for Richie, the son of the owner of Arrebato Latino, who she fell in love with. Her negative personality traits eclipse her virtues. She is selfish ambitious, treacherous, resentful, and possesive, but on the other hand, she is very sensual, and attractive; it looks like salsa music pours out of her veins. Jenny is fire when it comes to dancing and passion.

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27 years old. A woman with a bizarre name and a voluptuous body. She represents the competence in Margarita´s business. She is a strong- willed, self confident executive. She is also an excellent saleswoman , and very ambitious. She knows she is hot and this is the key for a woman to enter a business field governed by men. She will do whatever is necessary to get Ariel´s business, up to the point to scheme a big fraud, helped by Rafael, to stamp on Margarita, and take her out of business.

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35 years old. And executive man, owner ot the  ”Velasco Restaurant ” which he inherited from his parents. Neatly dressed. He got tired of Margarita, and left her to be with Natica, a model. He is a far –seeing ambitious, classist and selfish guy; he is only worried about his own welfare, but his lifestyle  is costly, and exceeds the profit produced by the restaurant so he has to look for Wilkins Ltda as a solution to avoid squeezing his budget. Rafael will have to beg Margarita to be whit him again, so that he can save his business. He is clever and manipulative, and is always transitorily devoted to the best option for him. Under these circumstances if he sees the opportunity to swindle Margarita, he will not hesitate for a second.

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30 years old. An executive, beautiful, and arrogant woman, who is ambitious in business. She is the owner and the President of ”Promotora wilkins”, a Company for the promotion and construction of projects. She was engaged with Rafael, who left her to be with a model. Her goal is to be the best. She does not waste her time with people who are not at her same level. She does not like Salsa music; she prefers to listen to music in English, and New Era. She does not like to receive help from others. Only in her family she finds a way to seek refuge.

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28 years old. His body has the latin, Athletic, and manly look. He arouses admiration, makes people want to talk to him, and awakens the desire to stare at him fixedly to get him to fall in love. When it comes to love, he is honest, and truthful ; for salsa music, nobody can match him. He is a good friend, a reveling man, and a good dancer. Concerning dancing, he is the best. He learned how to dance salsa since  he was a child, watching his mother dance. After his mother died, Richie finds his inner self again and realizes about the goal of his life: to  be the best Salsa dancer of the world, and make the ” Arrebato Latino” Academy a successful business.