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soldados 1.0
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soldados 1.0

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Soldados 1.0' is an exclusive proposal from RCN where a group of celebrities and other ordinary citizens will test their inner warrior by joining the glorious Colombian army. Faced with intense challenges, in which only the disciplined will be victorious, the recruits will put aside their ordinary life and face a strict military regime that will challenge their limits to know if they have what it takes to become soldiers. 
The first group of contestants of this reality show will be made up of personalities from the national show business who, apart from the cameras and glamour, will demonstrate what they are made of. Maria Fernanda Yepes will make her hostess debut and Andrea Tovar, Jery Sandoval, Ennis Pacheco, Natalia Duran, Angela Vergara, Juliana Galvis, Lina Tejeiro, Sofia Jaramillo, Norma Nivia, Catalina Otalvaro, Diego Arnary, Juan Sebastián Quintero, Julián Téllez, Alejandro Estrada, Agmeth Escaf, Edward 'Shirrry' Pinzón, Tommy Vásquez, Orlando Liñán, Jonathan Rodríguez and Beto Villa are the 20 contestants who will join this adventure.

Starting each week, the recruits will begin different phases of military training. In these, individual challenges, group tests and social missions will be qualified by army officers and non-commissioned officers, who, in turn, will be their battle instructors. Contestants must demonstrate their skills in extreme activities such as: cyber defense, patrolling, disaster prevention and assistance, parachuting, target shooting, closing order, military inspection, physical testing, camouflage, and survival and engineering. "Soldiers 1.0 is the true story of 20 Colombian celebrities who abandon their comforts to experience the life of a soldier in flesh and blood. It is the untold story of these anonymous heroes who sacrifice themselves day after day for our nation. It is a story of overcoming and transformation, sacrifices and courage. They won't have any privileges, and their motivation goes beyond money, their honor.

Therefore, at the end of each cycle, those who deserve a medal will be chosen and those who will be members of a list: list No. 5 (a military expression referring to those who need to be blamed for any fault). Recruits who reach this list will participate in a final challenge, the "Battle of Honor," where the names of those who remain in the platoon, as well as those who leave, will be known.
The Colombian public will also be very involved in each of the episodes, as there will be a call in different cities, where three men and three women will be elected from each city, the citizens. They show tenacity and courage at the Tolemaida military base, earn a place in the platoon and begin a military formation. The best recruits from each division will be able to take on celebrities in the prestigious Battle of Honour and, if they get one of the top positions, they will be able to take the place of one of the celebrities and be part of the programme.




Maria Fernanda Yepes


Cristina Palacio


Juan Manuel Rosales


German Araque


Luz Stella Gonzalez Soto


Juan Carlos Erazo


Jorge Giraldo


Lizeth Zarrate Diaz


Juan Felipe Cajiao


Zulma Rodriguez

Felipe Rincon


Carolina Vera


Maria de Brigard


Diego Fernando Valencia


Luisa Naranjo


Cesar Munoz


Sergio Geraldino

Albeiro Guayal

Esteban Castro

Andres Rojas

Catalina Melo




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Maria Fernanda Yepes

Actress María Fernanda Yepes, arrives in "soldado 1.0", to be the presenter of this realitu show. With 20 years experience in acting, modeling and dancing, this woman will be responsible for accompanyng the contestants on each one the callenger that the experts in military training will have them execute. 

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Lina Tejeiro

Actress, she is an early raiser, she likes to take her dog out for walk, she feels she is dependente on social media. she loves junk food, especially a good pepperoni pizza. But now, in "soldados 1.0" leisure time will have to become strit military training time, will she make ir?


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Juliana Galvis

Actress, she is an only child and very spoiled. She sleeps a lot and hates cold water shower. She takes a shower hot water even in warm places. she hates to be given orders, she is not very good obeying. Now, in "soldados 1.0", she will leave her luzuries behind for the first time and will ace the difficult life of a Colombianhero, will she make it or will she call home so they pick her up?


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Andrea Tovar

She was Miss Colombia in 2015, representing the departament of Choco, and she was second runner up in Miss Universe. She is the second blanck race Miss Colombia in history. She confesses that being a beauty queen spoiled her and gor her used ti having an entourange behind her to lay everyting at her feet. Now, she must fend for herself and the beauty queen is in the past, will she stand this new challenge?


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Angela Vergara

Actress, she has been living in berlin for two years with her boyfriend. She leads a calm life, she likes to be in comnunication with the world. She does nor think she is addicted to tecnology, but she spends all day close to her cell phone. "In soldados I will show my strength, siscipline and endurance", she affirmed. Will she achieve it or is it only a comment for social media?

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Natalia Duran

Actress. Have you picture a buddhist, vegetarian soldier who does not exercise and can spend an entire sundy in bed? Well, in "soldados 1.0", actress Natalia Wants to show that, from a calm place, everything is possible, even overcoming the damands of militar life. 

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Norma Nivia

Model and actress, she is an independent woman, with a strong character, she does not like to be given orders, she has trouble with authority figures. She does yoga and in a vegeterian. How will the life of this free spirit be when she must ask for permission to do anything?

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Catalina Otalvaro

Model. Her mother is very nervous and never let her go to school excursions or trips with her friends. She has been overprotected. One of her weaknesses is having to get up early. No one has ever given her orders. Now, in "soldados 1.0" she will be far from home, she will face huge military challenges. Will she become a hero of our country?


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Enis Pacheco

Boxer. She has beaten life several round; she has knocked out indifference and lack of opportunity. In "soldados 1.0", the first colombian woman to wear a world champion belt, she will come to confront military discipline. Will she win or throw tin the towel?

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Sofia Jaramillo

The model arrives in "soldado 1.0", tired of people only seeing her as a pretty face, and she wants to prove that beauty is nor an obstacle to be a warrior woman, a figrter, facing big challenges and riks. Sofia wants, at the end, to be recognized not only as another model, but as the brave woman she is. Will she accomplish it. 

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Jery Sandoval

Actress and singer. She likes to get up early and head to the gym, and after that she devotes herself to her music. She is a fanatic of social media and likes to be in constant touch with her followers. Will she be able to leave her comfortable life behind to become a soldier of the country?


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Alejandro Estrada

This actor, passionate about Colombian cuisine, who enjoys his free time playing soccer every week , will face the biggest challengerof his life in "soldados 1.0", by being an exemplary and brave man for his young son Tomas. Will he resist the pressure?

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Orlando Liñan

Actor and singer. He says he always has a smile on his face; he come to "soldados 1.0", so that audiende see him as an authentic man, who always shows how things really are. Will military discipline take away his smile?

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Agmeth Escaf

Actor and presenter. reserve lieutenant of the National army, event host and ownerof a night club, he would like Colombia to know him as a foghter who gets what he wants. Will he be strong enough to stand this platoon of has good life made him soft?

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Julian Tellez

Former soccer playe, present and entrepreneur. He considers himself a patient, calm and happy man. Like any sortsmen, he is combative and competior; he does not enjoy the cliché that the important thing is to participate, he want to win, and for this reason, for him "soldado 1.0" is the match of his life.

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Juan Sebastian Quintero

Actor and presenter. He accepts he likes the good life and is addicted to social media and techonology. He was never in the army, but he likes the idea if becoming a soldier and winning the competition, that is him main objective. Will he resist this hard training?


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Beto Villa

Actor and singer. In this man´s veins there flows charisma and joy form his native coastal region, and the strength and tenacity to face difficult test. In "soldados 1.0" he hopes not only to overcome his fear of heights, but also to show that Colombian musicians can serve the country with their endurance and talent.

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Radio announcers, presenter and pilot. He left his successful radio career to pursue the dream of becoming a pilot. In "soldado 1.0" he will show that behind the jokes and comfortable life, there is a strong, brave man. Will he fulfill his dream?

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Jonathan Rodriguez

This model is a true gigolo, a way to describe a man who all the women love. He is outgoing, competitive and gets angry when he is hungry. In "soldados 1.0", the time has come to prove that he is a strong and brave man.

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Diego Arnary

A model. Vain, a gym lover, spoiled by his mother. Diego Arnary feels strong and combative, and he is willing to show that there is nothing left of the boy who was bullied in scholl. will her achieve it?