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Talk To Them

Contenido ventas internacional
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Maria Alejandra Cardona a 28 years old reporter, will go out and explore the unknown world of teenagers that the parents doesn’t know. She will share extreme moments and will be hand to hand in risk situations The Objective is to live with teenagers and know the world they face daily while they grow up, search for freedom and identity that sink them in dangerous worlds while the society ignores them. Why? Is cociety scared to face them? Is society scared to assume its mistakes? Meanwhile there are parents with uncontrolled kids that don´t know how to solve situations. Maria Alejandra will meet and understand… Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and risk…The same teenagers that meet Maria Alejandra are the ones who show us how they see their world, how they think, how they feel… and over all to tell us why they act like they act and why they are how they are.