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GERMAN, (He is now 38 years old and keeps his authentic look), has been widowed a year ago and almost surpassed the initial mourning and states that: "...he will never fall in love again..." and swears to his son, THE TIGER: "...I am going to kill myself working, so that he has what I did not have in life and is not going to make the mistakes I made..."

GERMÁN sets up his own company: "THE ALPHA MAN CROSS FIT" ... Finally "own his business" that will allow him to be independent, economically consolidate the future and make his son, THE TIGER, fulfill his dreams in life...".

GERMÁN gets into debt and day after day he kills himself working hard, until he makes a discovery that will test his alpha male temper and his condition of a modern man and free thinker: his son, confesses to him that he has not enrolled in "Sports Sciences", but has decided to study "Audiovisual Arts".

GERMÁN, keep asking to himself what was wrong and his affliction reaches the extreme when a few days later, he has a second discovery: THE TIGER, who barely is legal of age, gets his girlfriend pregnant, he is going to be a father and will turn GERMÁN into grandfather and, consequently become relatives with MR HERNANDO PÉREZ, his antagonist in business matters and now in family matters.


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Germán, Now 38 years old, a widower and father of an 18-year-old. He still has the same look from previous seasons and continues to be the alpha male, heartbreaker, and as big-hearted and naive as ever.

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Patty, The intense woman from Santander, 36 years old and in this season she’s still in love with German, but she disguises this by acting as a best friend. She now owns an internet/ coffee shop in partnership with Mrs. Grace and is also almost a celebrity in the neighborhood because of her YouTube channel where she broadcasts “Déjese Hablar”, ("Let yourself be spoken to"), her own "talk show", in the style of "Jerry Springer".

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Frito, German’s friend from last season, devoted to working as a guide in hikes through the world's parks. He will return to Colombia after several years and lose his job, so he will become part of German’s entourage again.

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Mrs. Grace

Mrs. Grace, The neighborhood gossip girl, remains eternally in love with and trying to seduce German, and together with Patty will scare off any romantic prospects for German.

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Maicol Giovanny

Maicol Giovanny, One of German´s unconditional friend, he continues to have the same look: a mohawk, colorful punk and religious-print attire. Emotional, loyal and surprisingly responsible and dutiful. He isn’t very lucky at love, he is separated, without much desire to reignite his sentimental life, which is why he prefers living with his aunt Rachel. 

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Bulto e Sal

Bulto e Sal, In his fifties, works in the circus, broke, and German’s unconditional friend. Although he is only kindhearted and well-intentioned, he isn’t the smartest, is unlucky and is constantly getting tangled up, falling and suffering all kinds of accidents, hence his nickname Bulk of Salt (“jinxed”).

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Jonathan, "The Tiger"

Jonathan, (“The Tiger”), German’s 18-year-old son. Sensitive, intelligent, with an excellent sense of humor, calm and with an energy completely different to his father, he doesn't dream of being an alpha male and what he likes most is that Britney calls him “Gatico” (“kitten”). Although German dreams of him studying "Sports Sciences" so that he can run the CrossFit gym he has just open, the boy wants to study "Audiovisual Arts, Photography and Video". He is a typical millennial, always connected and tech-savvy.

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Britney, Almost 19 years old, is a beautiful, modern and willful "rich girl from a popular neighborhood"; the daughter of MR. HERNANDO PÉREZ... her father has overindulged her. She is certainly a spoiled child, but meeting Jonathan will change her life. She will fall in love with his tenderness, his jokes, his irony and the fact he always looks after her. This softens the curt young woman who falls at the feet of “El Tigre”, whom she calls Gatico, and they get pregnant.

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Mr. Hernando Pérez

Mr. Hernando Perez, Is 45 year old.  He is a well-to-do real estate entrepreneur, loan shark, a wealthy man in a poor neighborhood where he owns a corner supermarket. He is nothing more than the embodiment of misused power.

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Consul, Apart from having a dog’s name, his boss treats him like one... He yells at him, insults him, bosses him around... but Consul is faithful, of few words, nods, obeys, and is Mr. Pérez’s confidant.



Ramiro Meneses y Consuelo Gonzalez


Héctor Moncada


Luis Eduardo Chacón

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105 x 60’ ( Est)

Produced by:

RCN Television.


Currently under Production